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Mogilev Branch

The Mogilev Branch of the Belarusian State Music Academy was organized in 1990. The opening of the Branch is one of the parts of the development programme of regional higher musical education in the country. From the very beginning of its foundation the Branch had its aim at training musical and pedagogical specialists not only for Mogilev and its region, but also for all the regions of the Republic.

The Branch (dean – Candidate of Musicology, Assistant Professor O. Shevchenko) is training students in the following specialities "Instrumental Execution" (piano, bowed stringed instruments, wind and percussion instruments, folk plucked-percussion stringed instruments, accordion/bayan (button accordion), "Conducting" (Academic chorus).

There are some creative collectives at the Branch, they are: the Chamber Music Orchestra, the Academic Chorus and the Folk Orchestra which acquired the status of a philharmonic one in 1998. Since 2009 the artistic leader and conductor of the Folk Orchestra named after L. Ivanov has been N. Aldanov, Assistant Professor, the Grand Prix winner of the Republican Competition, a member of the Russian Professional Folk Orchestra Conductors' Association, Frantsisk Skaryna medal holder. The collective is constantly taking an active part in concerts and musical festivals which are organized in Belarus and Russia. Such famous musicians and singers as B. Shtokolov, V. Noreyko, Yu. Bogatikov, Z. Sotkilava, S. Sakharov, A. Malinin, K. Maskovich, A. Tsygankov, A. Gorbachov, etc., were accompanied by the orchestra. In 2011 the orchestra was honoured with the title Laureate of the Belarusian President Special Prize called "For Spiritual Revival".

The Branch Academic Chorus was awarded a first-degree Diploma (2005) and Grand Prix (2012) at the International Magutny Bozha Festival. In 2011 being in the lead the Chorus received a diploma and its artistic leader and conductor Irina Pekarskaya was awarded the Individual Prize Diploma at the 30th International Sacred Music Festival which took place in Khainuvka (Poland). Last year the Chorus received a prize from the Special Presidential Fund for Talented Youngsters.

Among the graduates of the Branch are many well-known Belarusian performers: E. Materinko, Laureate of the International 1999 Romanciada Contest, held in Moscow; I. Abalyan, the International Variaty Song Contest Laureate, and other prize and diploma winners at different International Competitions.

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